Secure Remote Access
Toolkit for IT teams

Support, manage, and protect your remote workforce’s endpoints

In the backdrop of COVID-19, most organizations across the globe are working remotely, without any detailed plans or pilot programs, just to keep their business up and running. Organizations quickly moved to remote work for most of their functions with the help of cloud applications. However, some important functions like IT need access to critical systems in the infrastructure like servers, applications, databases, and network devices. Given the associated security risks, most organizations are not in a position to open up remote access to such systems. Manage Engine has tools that help organizations build multiple layers of security to enable remote access to critical systems. Moreover, to help IT teams act quickly in these challenging times, ManageEngine is removing all barriers and offers fully functional products until July 1, 2020.

Remote Access plus

Enable remote access to user desktops for providing technical assistance and servers inside the corporate network for regular operations. Agent-based, secure access solution for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

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Access Manager Plus

Enable remote connections to critical business systems like servers, applications, and network devices. Agent-less, secure gateway solution for launching RDP, VNC and SSH connections.

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Feature highlights

  • icon  Centralized control


  • icon  Voice and video chat


  • icon  Remote file transfer


  • icon  Live monitoring and collaboration


  • icon  Help desk integration


  • icon  Remote access to data centers
      • iconAccess control workflow


      • icon  One-click remote sessions


      • icon  Session recording and playback


    • iconRemote access to data centres


    • icon  Comprehensive audit trails


    • icon  Intuitive reports

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