We deliver cost savings, better efficiency, and improves the overall profitability of your organization using proven business process therapy techniques. Almost every business could benefit from streamlining processes in order to reduce waste and rework, identify cost-saving alternatives, reduce lead times, and automate commonly repeated activities.


    Our Process Diagnosis begins by learning everything we can about your business. That is where the therapy starts. We want to hear what you believe is your biggest pain. We will listen intently and empathize. Then we will conduct extensive background research, identify pain points, and analyze the effectiveness of the current processes.


    Once this is mapped out, we can design a Process Intervention for your business. The plan will be laid out in stages to manage risk and to ensure maximum effectiveness through the change. This methodology allows for better budgeting while providing the time to build trust with your organization at every stage. We guide you through the intervention and ensure that you and your staff are comfortable and the changes are working.


    We are committed to your success and each of our Interventions comes with an ROI guarantee that ensures you see results or we don’t get paid. We stand by our solutions long after the intervention to ensure everything goes the way it should and you realize the full benefits that were promised. We also help you identify new opportunities and guide you through adapting to changes in your business driven by outside forces. We are not an IT company and we are not consultants. We are your Process Therapists and we are with you for the long run!


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Our solutions provide long term benefits such as:

  1. Better margins and profits

  2. Lower overall business risk

  3. Higher quality product and service delivery

  4. Faster time to market

  5. Efficient use of your valuable resources

Executing process changes sounds overwhelming and costly, yet if businesses don’t continue to adapt and improve they will fall behind their competitors. In business, complacency is death. Many businesses today, both large and small, are actively trying to improve their business and reduce costs using any tool or resource available to them. Our experience has shown us many of the following issues which hurt the productivity and profitability of companies:

  1. Staff doing the same activities or tasks which could be automated

  2. Processes being stopped at any stage due to human or machine error or lack of information

  3. Low visibility causing management to have an unclear view of performance

  4. Integration problems between multiple pieces of technology or departments

  5. Under-using the tools and technologies, you already own

As our service offering is so broad and diverse, we simply cannot list it all in point form. The overarching platform is to create a business that is functioning at an optimal level with maximum potential.

Some activities include:

  1. Process Mapping

    • Process Standardization

    • Training

    • Process Improvement

    • Compliance & Transparency

  2. Process Reengineering

  3. Operational Planning

  4. IT Strategy Development

  5. Application Development

  6. Application Integration



Problem: A low-volume, high-mix manufacturer has trouble getting products shipped on time due to a long and unpredictable engineering process and a general lack of standardization and communication between sales, engineering, operations, and finance.


Solution: Implementing standardized processes, integrating their sales, engineering, and ERP systems, and moving to a digital order dispatch process.


Results: Significant improvement in lead times, product quality, costs, and on-time delivery. This company has experienced significant sales and profit growth and is currently expanding into large new markets as a result.

Problem: A property maintenance service has experienced growth in both winter and summer services but has been unable to sustain service quality and customer satisfaction during busy times. Mistakes erode margins and capturing more business becomes extremely difficult if not impossible.


Solution: Implementing standardized processes and services, developing a mobile service and digital dispatch management system, and a simple status and communications platform.


Results: Customers are delighted to be kept in the loop about the status of their properties and management can monitor the quality of the services being delivered. Process bottlenecks have been eliminated increasing capacity, revenue, and profits.

Problem: A warehousing company has manual paper-based processes that slow things down, duplicates work, and cause mistakes. Billing is arduous and involves reconciling records against a wide variety of pricing arrangements for customers. Mistakes and rework are common and the business frequently has to turn down business to make sure the don’t get overwhelmed.


Solution: Deploy automated warehouse management solution including digital order intake, pricing control, mobile-based order dispatch using forklift-mounted and handheld devices. Standardize and map out the layout of the warehouse.


Results: The warehouse is organized, orders are dispatched quickly and efficiently, billing is automated and staff is focused on satisfying customers and growing the business. Increased capacity, revenue, profits, and customer and employee satisfaction.

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